SSC Club Policies:

Authorized Trip Leaders may download documents pertaining to the role of Trip Leader. To become authorized send request to VP of Travel.  Once authorization process is completed, you will be notified via email.

Trip Registration:

To sign up for a SSC trip, you must be a member and pay a minimum deposit of $100.00 for a 2-3 night trip or $500.00 for a week-long trip, unless a larger deposit is specified by the trip leader. Trip registration forms can be found on the web page for each individual trip.

Trip Registration Cancellation or Request:

You must notify the trip leader in writing as soon as possible if you need to cancel your participation in a trip. Below is link to refund the policy:

Trip Cancellation and Refund Policy    

Below is link to the refund form. Please complete the refund form and e-mailed to: and your tripleaders.

Trip Refund Form


  • If you drive to a trip and use the SSC as a source to contact riders, you must have $100,000-$300,000 automobile liability insurance.
  • Illegal substances are prohibited at all SSC functions. 
  • Pets are not permitted on any ski club trips.

Trip Insurance:

The SSC Board of Directors highly recommends you obtain trip insurance for any of our weeklong trips requiring air travel.  Here are a couple of web sites that will help you explore this option.

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